What Is Treatment ?

Treatment of any disease can only be done after having the knowledge about - "What is Disease". In reality after knowing each & every angle of a disease & its treatment, we can conclude that a Disease is a type of 'DISHARMONY'
In a car if a single wheel gets misaligned, all other parts get problems gradually due to this imbalance. Similarly in our body whenever a part or organ gets any problem, the disharmony spreads to other function or organs.
This initial disturbance could be due to any type of reason such as physical, mental, emotional or energy ups & downs. Physical ups & down (Jerks) would be part but in a human being's social life, his emotional jerks & energy ups & downs are highly frequent. After this initial disharmony at a local status, it spreads to other physical as well as metaphysical layers of body resulting into many apparent symptoms.

A common man refers to these apparent symptoms to as a 'DISEASE'. BUT is it correct?
Ans: The Disease lies somewhere else.
A real doctor/therapist - 
The prime quality of a real therapist is his ability of "COUNSELLING". Based on his knowledge and experience through counselling, he could analyze the complaint of patient and its real root (INITIAL DISHARMONY).
Would the treatment of just patient's complaint be enough ? 
Ans: It would be enough only if complaint is just physically localized or due to some physical jerks.
For Example : (1) Twisted Ankle (2) Muscle Pull (3) Lumber Disc Slip (4) Injuries (5) Localized Skin Allergy (6) Emergency Cases
But if this initial disturbance is due to some mental, emotional Or energy ups & down, the symptomatic treatment would relieve the patient but can re-appear on stoppage of treatment.

Some of the examples in which treatment can never be done only by symptomatic response :
  • Sinusitis
  • Migraine
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • High B.P.
  • Menstrual Imbalance
  • Digestive Imbalance
  • Low B.P.
  • Weakness
  • Hair Loss
  • Epilepsy
  • Obesity
  • Allergies
  • Early Menopause
  • Hair Loss
  • Frequent cervical & lumber spondylitis
  • Depression along with other physiological problem
  • Sexual inabilities even after nearly normalized medical reports.
  • Anger
  • Most of Chronic Problems
That is the reason why most commonly found problems such as Diabetes; High B.P as well as Hyperthyroidism can only be controlled by the presence of drugs but cannot be cured. This term can be referred to as "Prophylaxis"
Even pain killers at many times could give just temporary relief. Even in case of allergies one might not face the same symptom Of Hypersensitivity with the same intensity every time he faces the Allergic Agent. On the contrary, sometimes he doesn't get even a slightest of problem with the same agent.
Now what could you conclude from this? So such cases cannot be treated successfully through this symptomatic physical treatment.
Then how such problems could be treated successfully? 
Ans: For treatment of such problems along with physical treatment, Meta Physical Treatment also has a great role to play. Analysis of energy circulation in our body is must for a therapist to study. It is an abstract phenomenon and that is why it is not medically approved.
Study of energy, its type, their inter relationship and relationship with emotions and functional as well as structural system of body is unavoidable.
By acknowledging energy, a therapist could also analyze culture, religion and religion postulates in a scientific manner. So now along with the physical symptom of the energy, the related reason of the initial disturbance should also be treated.

So physical treatment + metaphysical treatment = complete successful recovery.
Meta physical treatment is not easy. It requires the involvement of therapist as well as patient himself. By this meta physical treatment, one can provide the patient with desired change in his body profile, psychological profile as well as emotional profile to make patient nearly relieved from his problematic symptoms along with many other side symptoms created. In short, the patient feels very controlled & stabilized within himself along with recovery in his prime complaint. Symptomatic relief can be acquired easily through many treatment therapies such as massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, allopathic prophylactic drugs, any other treatment type that could give fast relief.
How can meta physical treatment be given along with symptomatic treatment?
Ans: Even meta physical treatment can be provided in various manners.
Some of the most effective, common and practically possible treatments are as follows:-
1) Meta physical treatment through suggestions.
2) Meta physical treatment through color therapy.
3) Meta physical treatment through music therapy.
4) Meta physical treatment through sujok acupressure therapy.
5) Meta physical treatment through tri-origin mantra therapy.
6) Meta physical treatment through meditation.
7) Meta physical treatment through other methods.
Now before studying each of these methods in detail, let us know the details of energy. Energy flows in our body to keep us alive. According to a television channel a same copy of a human being can be created in a laboratory (costs 410 crore rupees) but could not make him alive. In order to make him alive, energy is required to be flown through each and every cell and that would not be achieved in a laboratory.
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