• Surat
    I was having problem of dislocated shoulder due to accident. But due to sujok therapy, in just couple of sittings i am able to work properly and my shoulder problem has been relieved to a great extent.

    -Devendra Renose
  • surat
    I had problem of frozen shoulder, and i am very glad and thankful to sujok therapy and team of sujok professionals who have treated me.

    -Sandeep Sultania
  • Surat
    I have tried Allopathy, Ayurvedic, Physiotherapy but it dint solve my problem of lumber spondylitis. In just 10 sitting, i am not only able to walk but run. I will be indebted to Sujok through out my life. Thank you.

    -Zaidabibi Riaz Ahmed Sheikh
  • Surat
    I am delighted. I was having the problem of Diabetes and joints problem. I am happy with the treatment i received via Sujok therapy. Thank you very much.

    -Hirachand Shah
  • Surat
    My problem of abdomen pain and cough is completely cured by sujok therapy. Thank you so much.

    -Pinky Chirania
  • Surat
    Each thing, each person and service of the sujok therapy center is upto perfection. Trust would be a special feature I would say while referring to anybody. My Back pain, acidity, diabities and constipation problem has been cured completely by sujok therapy.

    -Janak Desai
  • Surat
    I am very happy with the treatment at Sujok Therapy Center. The doctor has done my treatment of finger joints problem, very nicely. The doctor and the staff members are very efficient and friendly. Thank you very much.

    -Manjula Goyal
  • Surat
    My problem of gasteric and acidity has been cured completely by sujok therapy. Also the staff is very good and co-operative. I am very much satisfied with the treatment I received. Thank you very much.

    -Taherbhai Motorwala
  • Surat
    Doctor was very good in giving advice and performing every kind of treatment work for my chronic allergies, acidity and high BP problem. Professionally run, takes good care of patients.I would happily recommend Sujok therapy to anyone. Thank you very much.

    -Bhakta Rajendra
  • Surat
    I am very satified with the treatment i received. The doctor is very humble and very efficient. The staff is kind ,polite and co-operative. The outcome of my treatment scaitica, nerve pain, hypothyrodism and back pain definitely fulfills my expectation. Thank you very much.

    -Daxa Bhakta
  • Surat
    I underwent the treatment of ulcer and low BP. I found the care and attention that I received at Sujok therapy center to be excellent. I was kept very well informed about what necessary work I needed and in a helpful and unpressurised manner. Thank you very much.

    -Deepak Gandhi
  • skin problem
    therapy was really good