Moxa is a specific treatment with heat on neurophysiological points, particularly with chronic diseases and severe pain.
Mini Moxa: For treatment with heat on larger areas on the body. A stand is needed to use moxa. The height of the stand can be adjusted.
Micro Moxa: Is put directly on point of acupuncture - like needle acupuncture. A very intense heat develops.
Light Impulse Stimulator
Pulsing red light is helpful for painless therapy. Can be highly recommended for treatment of children.
Technical data: Amplitude 655-680 nm Voltage 6 V Max length of therapy: 180 min Operation: impulsive
Set of Massage Balls
Massage balls help to stimulate within the neurophysiological system of hands and feet. Inside the ball are two massage rings mainly meant to stimulate correspondence points on the finger. The massage rings are also available separately.
Color Magnet / Bipolar Magnet
Each magnet has a north and a south polarity. The lines of the magnet field are drawn from north to south. The northpole is white, the southpole yellow. With the help of magnets it is possible to change the flow of energy locally as well as in the byol meridians. When the direction of the field lines of the magnet is in correspondence with those of the energy flow, it produces a toning effect, the contrary direction produces a sedative effect.
Chakra Magnet
This ring-shaped magnets help to send the energy flow to the mid-point. This is called gravitation or dispersion of contrary polarity of the magnetic field. It serves in the local treatment as well as in the treatment of Shakra projection.
Magnet Stars
Magnet Stars are used for longtime stimulation of neurophysiological points. They are very helpful with easing of pain. With the magnet star the mechanical effect of the metal star is complemented by a magnet.
Metal Stars
Metal Stars are used for longtime stimulation of correspondence points. They are very helpful with easing of pain.
Sujok Needles
Package with 100 each, 0,1 x 11 mm, sterile packages of ten each.
Touch Pen
Inside the pen is a pin with a spring mechanism for the auricular therapy.
Universal Pen
Inside the pen, there is room for two exchangeable tips; this instrument combines three different sizes with a stimulation roller.
Diagnosis Pen (2)
The instrument to help find and stimulate painful points in the neurophysiological system. Two round-tipped ends with different diameters allow the identification of painful points or areas and thereby help with the diagnosis. The rippled surface of the pen can also be used to help identify correspondence areas.
Diagnosis Pen (1)
The instrument to help find and stimulate painfulpoints in the neurophysiological system. The combination of the pen with the roller serves to massage within the correspondence system.
Gravitation Inserter
The needle insertion apparatus is for quick and painless insertion of acupuncture needles in the correspondence system. Because of the weight of the tip, the needles enter the tissue fast and easily. A magnet at the base of the tip helps to hold Su Jok® needle
Six Ki Inserter
The needle insertion apparatus is for treatment within the byol meridians. Depth and angle of the insertion can be placed precisely with a specific spring mechanism. The needle inside the apparatus is held by a magnet to allow effective work.
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