Treatment Through Sujok

Professor Park Jae Woo (Korea) has studied all the cultures (Indian, Chinese as well as Egyptian) in detail and prepared a short summary that could be practically performed to achieve successful results. He named this treatment therapy "SuJok".
"Su" means 'Hand'   &   "Jok" means 'Feet'.
Treatment given on hands or feet practically gives high grade physical & metaphysical results.His sujok therapy proved the best alternative medicine amongst all other treatment therapies such as Rakey, Spiritual Healing, Yoga, Chiropractices, etc. on the ground of speed of action, simplicity, accuracy, no side-effects, treatment cost & above all scientific approval based on reasoning.
So now let us study the treatment methods - both physical & meta-physical amongst which most are based on the analysis of Professor Park.
Physical Treatment (Based On Sujok Therapy)
Along with many other physical treatment techniques, sujok therapy can be used quite effectively to treat any problem.
This portion of sujok for physical treatment is referred as "correspondence system" or "homo energy system of body"
It includes various correspondence systems such as :
1) Standard correspondence system
2) 3– level / insect correspondence system
3) Mini correspondence system
4) Partial correspondence system
Through these correspondence systems a therapist could treat any physical part / cell / tissue of our body in various manner.
These diagrams may appear simple, but to conduct treatment on this therapy requires combined efforts of physical, mental & spiritual level under the guidance of a good teacher qualified under "International Sujok Association" (by Prof. Park Jae Woo)
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