This training course can be categories into different level depending on its spectrum of effectivity and level of consciousness.  Each level itself is capable for treatment of majority human diseases.  But the knowledge of various levels provide you a greater verity of options to deal with in patients having the same kind of problem, but differ from each other on bases of their energy, physic or pshychosomatic constitution. The details of each level are as follow: 


This theory of Sujok is ment for all kinds of physical ailments in our human body.  This correspondence system is proved scientifically by the law of “PRINCIPAL OF SIMILARITY”.  Through which energy exchange between a hand/foot and human body can be utilized as a therapeutic means.  The syllabus of this course is as follow:-

  • Introduction and history of Sujok.
  • About Prof.Park Jae Woo. (Founder of Sujok Therapy)
  • Why Sujok is so popular?
  • What is correspondence?
  • Similarity between hand & body
  • Correspondence of external and internal organs on our hand/foot (Primary & secondary correspondence).
  • Dual correspondence system
  • Standard, Insect, Mini, Partial correspondence system.
  • Method of treatment-
    •     Pressure
    •     Puncture
    •     Color therapy
    •     Moxa herb therapy
    •     Light/current stimulation
    •     Sujok massage, etc…
  • Technique of treatment
    •     Six different techniques of Sujok treatment procedure.
  • Precautions and limitation for correspondence system of Sujok.
  • Qualities for a good Sujok therapist and their effective implementations.


This theory of Sujok involved the studies of Energy flow In our human body based on various cultures such as, 

            !)  Chinese culture- Meridian system

           !!)  Indian culture- Chakra system

          !!!)  Egyptians culture- Diamond Energy system

Identifying the character of these energy’s and manipulating them quantitatively to change the dominance and thereby creating a metaphysical  in a human being is the prime specialty of this level of Sujok therapy.  The syllabus of this course is as follow:-

  • Creation phenomena of everything from nothing.
  • Characterization and relation of Homo and Hetro energies.
  • Diseases = disharmony and treatment through Homo and Hetro mantra.
  • Circulation of energy in human body & correspondent hand and foot.
  • Treatment techniques for energy harmonization (Meridians’) through Sujok Meridian.
    • Pressure,
    • Puncture,
    • Color therapy,
    • Directional massage,
    • Moxa…
  • 5 Elements & Six Ki Theory.
  • Co-relation of energy sequence with seasons, life cycle, disease & each process of nature.
  • Inter-relationships amongst Six Ki for treatment.
  • Diagnosis based on various charteria.
  • Hand calculator for easy treatment formula.
  • Chakra therapy (According to Indian culture).
  • Royal Meridian’s and their involvement in treatment.
  • Finger tip magnetism.
  • Practical discussion for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

 Level   lll     Six Ki

Six Ki is the continuation advance format of  “Energy Flow Theory”.  This theory involves a higher level of consciousness that can give a qualitative reformation in a patient’s energy constitution in comparison with energy flow theory that gives a quantitative change. Each energy is further zoomed in and can be treated at branch or sub branch or sub-sub branch levels instead of changing the full body profile.  The syllabus of this course is as follow:-

  • Detailed description & characterization of all the six energies-Wind, Heat, Hotness, Humidity, Dryness, Coldness.
  • Diagnosis of problems at Branch level and its treatment.
  • Various branch level treatments with 4 point method.
  • Diagnosis of problems Individual level and various treatment methods with 4 point Individual treatment.
  • Diagnosis of problems at Unit level and there treatments using 4 point unit Treatment.
  • Constitution- Based on Branch, Individual and Unit levels.
  • Personality assessment based on Individual level constitution.
  • Axial and Sub-Axial treatment formula calculation through constitution.
  • Practical discussion and diagnosis of various problems based on Branch, Individual or Unit levels of Six Ki theory….  

Special course  1     Zone Sujok Ki

This therapeutic technique of Sujok involves the study of the energy circulation in a very simplified and generalized manner in a human body other than Meridian and Chakras’s circulations.    Energy circulation according to zone Sujok ki can be classified into vertical, horizontal, spiral and local flow.  Based on these circulation various treatment gadgets (artificial or natural) such as magnet, palm leaf, seeds, fingertips etc. can be used to harmonized the excessiveness or the deficiency of energy flow when applied on a specific point of these energy routes.  Instant results are typical characteristics of the Zone Sujok ki.  The syllabus of this course is as follow:-

  • Introduction of energy system in human body in various patterns-Vertical, Horizontal, Spiral & local energy flow.
  • Energy flow in Central body in various patterns-  Vertical, Horizontal, Spiral & local energy flow
  • Energy flow in Individual system various patterns-  Vertical, Horizontal, Spiral & local energy flow
  • Detection of treatment point in Zone Sujok ki.
  • Treatment techniques.  Practical treatment with bar magnets and miracle of palm leafs
  • Triorigin model order of Zone Energy System.
    • combined open energy system.
    • combined closed energy system.
  • Precautions and limitation of Zone Sujok ki
  • Practical discussions for diagnosis and treatment based on Zone Sujok ki.

Special course  2     Triorigin Joint Treatment

Triorigin is the most advance 4 dimensional theory introduce by Prof. Park that can carry out the dippiest level of diagnosis with the highest levels of philosophy and scientific principles.  This theory does not only treat mind body as other therapies, but also conducts diagnosis and treats up to the soul channel as well as the life pattern.  This theory can be sweetly explained as the language of nature through which we can ask The Creation and The Creation is bound to answer.  The spectrum Triorigin extends from treatments and diagnosis at a pre-action stage to chrono (Time acupuncture), where even past as well as future prospective of a present problem could be treated.  The syllabus of this course is as follow:-

  • Introduction of four fundamental forces & Triorigin concessioness .
  • Introduction of Triorigin Model.
  • Triorigin Model and its diversifications.
  • Triorigin sequence.
  • Self Triorigin.
  • Body Triorigin in detailed.
  • Mind Triorigin in detailed.
  • Techniques of Triorigin joint treatment.
    • Triorigin acupuncture
    • Color therapy
    • Triorigin Seed therapy
    • Triorigin correspondence on joints.
  • Triorigin Mudra and Mantra.
  • Smile Chorus.
  • Chrono acupuncture (Time acupuncture).
  • Practical discussions for diagnosis and treatment of various problem based on Triorigin concessioness. 

Special course  3     Smile meditation

Smile is a Neutro emotion that is a sign of achievement or attenuation.  Through the “Tai-chi” & “Wu-ji” states of meditation, the ETERNAL SMILE software is downloaded in our Mind, Body & Soul to yield the smile touch in diagnosis as well as treatment.  In addition by its 2 universal fundamental theories, Smile meditation helps in upgrading the level of our consciousness.  By this technique we can not only treat ourselves or others nearby, but also by sending smile signals we can treat anybody at a distant location too.  The syllabus of this course is as follow:-

  • Introduction of four fundamental forces of nature (Triorigin consciousness).
  • Introduction of universal theories.
    • Life is universal drama.
    • Everything is predesigned before its existence.
  • Body Triorigin and utility of its all 4 forces for  “Tai-chi & Wu-ji”
  • Tai-chi & Wu-ji
  • Purpose of smile meditation.
  • Diversification of smile meditation-
    • Mind smile meditation
    • Body smile meditation
    • Soul smile meditation
  • Treatment of disease through smile meditation.
  • Smile meditation.
  • Practical meditation for “Tai-chi & Wu-ji”.
  • Practical meditation session for-
    • Mind smile meditation
    • Body smile meditation
    • Soul smile meditation
  • Discussion of changes in way and standard of life after smile meditation i.e. change in consciousness level.