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"In Korean,    “SU”    means   ‘HAND’     &     “JOK”    means    ‘FOOT’
Treatment given on hands and feet is called SUJOK THERAPY.
Inventor of this Therapy was a Korean philosopher and scientist  PROF.PARK JAE WOO (11/3/1942 TO 25/3/2010) graduated in 1968 from Seoul National University, Korea.
       In 1985 he presented a theory in which he proved philosophy based on reasoning in the form of a curative method, based on the law of “Principal of Similarity”, He proved the correspondence system of our body in our hand and foot. Progressively he carried on and displayed not only the physical correspondence but also the meta-physical correspondence “Energy circulation in our body” on our hand and foot. Within 30 years these therapies have blossom In 42 countries in form of an Innocent, Drugless and Result Oriented Therapy/technique. To spread this knowledge in its most original and purest essence theoretically and practically, he had established “ISA- INTERNATIONAL SU-JOK ASSIOCIATION”. 

       ISA now governs the treatment and training pattern with the best skilled trainers to full fill the dream of our beloved and worshipable Prof. Park-“SU-JOK FOR EVERY BODY” Under ISA west zone, SUJOK is galloping successfully in GUJARAT in the fields of treatment, training and research.  In Surat city of Gujarat more than 15 therapists are working in co-ordination with each other for promotion of this technique. More than 10000 patients are treated annually and plenty of people are being trained with this miraculous Sujok therapy.

       This website is with the same intention that even though the patient is far enough, he could treat himself with simplest technique of Sujok and leads his life free from disease, & hence serve Prof. Park’s dream of a Pain Free Smile Civilization.