What Is Triorigin Joint Therapy ?


This Triorigin treatment therapy is carried out on joints of our fingers.  Joints act as stations for the correspondence of the energy flow of human body in our hands and feet.  Harmonization of these energies can be done easily and effectively on these joints using magnets, needles, seeds, and most easily and effective “Color Therapy”.  For color therapy markers-sketch pen, can be used.  Similar to the color therapy in six ki treatment, this technique is to be performed during day time using bright colors of a marker.  Time duration for color therapy is 4 hrs per day during day time. 

Technique of color therapy in Triorigin joint treatment.

 As shown in below fig., each finger of our hand has 3 joints that can be termed as Joint no.1 (Hetro joint), Joint no.2 (Neutro joint), Joint no.3 (Homo joint), in respective order starting from the tip side to the Joint no.3 (Homo joint) at the base of the finger.  Each joint is in a horizontal dimension moving 360 degrees.  Each joint has 4 treatment points that are named as Hetro point, Homo point, Neutro point & Neuto point on the joint.  But for practical ease we can identify them as -


1   Above point (Neutro point) - Center point of the yang surface of the joint.                                                                   2   Below point (Neuto point) - Center point of the yin surface of the joint.                                                                       3   Outer side (Hetro point) - The point of the joint on the yin-yang border toward the little finger side.                           4   Inner side (Homo point) - The point of the joint on the yin-yang border toward the thumb side.


Triorigin joint treatment with color-marker.

              Let us study with an example…

If the protocol is…

       Finger no. 2, Joint no.2, Outer point - Red color, Inner point - Red color, Above point - Green color & Below point - Green color.

So Finger no.2 is middle finger and Joint no.2 is middle joint of this finger. 

In this joint amongst the 4 treatments points, the outer and inner points (toward the little finger and toward the thumb respectively) on both Yin-Yang borders are to be colored red (2-3mm diameter circle filled with red color)

The above and below points (center points of yang side and yin side respectively on the joint) are to be colored Green (2-3mm diameter circle filled with green color).

So these conclude the color treatment on that joint and have to be kept for 4 hrs and after 4 hrs it has to be clean off.  Each color is responsible for increasing or decreasing a specific force amongst the 4 fundamental forces (Hetro, Homo, Neutro or Neuto) in that particular organ/part of our body to which the finger joint is correspondening.  So try to feel the effect of these forces in your problematic part after color application.  If u feels any ill symptoms such as mild head ace, nausea, uneasiness, etc…. Please remove the color and discontinued.  Retry the same after 24 hrs, and if you still feel the same discomfort, please contact a good quality Sujok therapist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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